Configure pfSense using YAML data

Configuring a pfSense firewall using the web-interface works, but it takes a lot of time. With the developer shell you can configure your device using commands. There are already some posts on this topic, this one and this one. Using the simple ruby script on my Github page it is possible to create developer shell commands using a YAML file as input. In VirtualBox it is simple to set up a testing environment. Do a clean install, and enable ssh:


Temporarily allow all traffic on the WAN interface using pfSense Developer Shell:


Example YAML file:


  hostname: 'master'
  domain: 'localdomain'
    '0': ''
    '1': ''

Run the Ruby script:

ruby creator.rb master.yaml > master.conf

This will create a .conf file containing developer shell commands:


$config['system']['hostname'] = 'master';
$config['system']['domain'] = 'localdomain';
$config['system']['dnsserver']['0'] = '';
$config['system']['dnsserver']['1'] = '';

Apply all settings from your Linux machine using ssh:

ssh root@ '/usr/local/sbin/pfSsh.php' < master.conf

Reboot, log on the webinterface and skip the welcome wizard. All settings are applied:


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